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Flowers and bees

Pictures from my balcony to fullfill mikes request of wasting more bandwidth ;)

I bought one of these a few years ago and now my balcony is full of them … so I for one welcome our new plant overlords and iam sorry that the ixus overexposed your mighty petals ;)

if only thouse bees would wait until i got out of the sun to be able to see anything on the display of the ixus30 then navigated through 2 menus to set the EV and went back …

This one would have been nice if it where focused properly

properly focused this time

Fluffy ball ;) is moving too fast for the 1/200 shutter, why did ixus choose f/5.6 here instead of f/2.8 with a shorter exposure? and why doesnt it support aperture priority :(

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Recent changes in ffmpeg

Maybe you wonder what is currently happening in ffmpeg development, no nothing special i just thought to summarize what i remember and maybe i or someone else could/should write some weekly whats new report from now on? :)

  • heaps of flac encoder optimizations by loren
  • a H.264 PAFF patch, so dont give up hope yet, maybe we soon will have that in svn
  • amv audio and video support
  • IPv6 related fixes by ronald
  • some minor h.264 optimizations by andreas
  • some experimental h.264 multithreading code which splits entropy coding into its own thread by andreas, though dont expect that in svn in the near future
  • a MMS patch ohh darn i just realize i forgot about that one :(
  • various improvements and bugfixes in the rt(s)p code by the luca brothers ;) (sorry couldnt resist)
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