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Recent changes in ffmpeg

Maybe you wonder what is currently happening in ffmpeg development, no nothing special i just thought to summarize what i remember and maybe i or someone else could/should write some weekly whats new report from now on? :)

  • heaps of flac encoder optimizations by loren
  • a H.264 PAFF patch, so dont give up hope yet, maybe we soon will have that in svn
  • amv audio and video support
  • IPv6 related fixes by ronald
  • some minor h.264 optimizations by andreas
  • some experimental h.264 multithreading code which splits entropy coding into its own thread by andreas, though dont expect that in svn in the near future
  • a MMS patch ohh darn i just realize i forgot about that one :(
  • various improvements and bugfixes in the rt(s)p code by the luca brothers ;) (sorry couldnt resist)
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  1. It would be extremely useful to have a weekly (or even monthly) update on what’s new in ffmpeg. Reading through the mailing lists is really too time consuming just to see what’s new. Thanks.

    Comment by giandrea — 2007-09-30 @ 21:20

  2. Check your antispam blocklist for regexp errors, wordpress gives php errors when you submit new comments.

    Comment by giandrea — 2007-09-30 @ 21:22

  3. i think ive fixed it … its what happens if the docs dont tell you the syntax for the regexp and one expects it to be normal unix grep syntax

    Comment by Michael — 2007-09-30 @ 22:07

  4. Hi Michael,

    what about the changes in snow during the last weeks?
    Are they not worth a comment?


    Comment by Lars — 2007-10-01 @ 12:51

  5. This type of report is a great idea. I have often thought about doing the same type of thing on my blog, but who is better qualified than you to write these? I hope these become a regular feature.

    Comment by Multimedia Mike — 2007-10-01 @ 18:11

  6. dont hesitate to summarize the snow changes :)

    Comment by Michael — 2007-10-01 @ 18:12

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