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FFmpeg weekly news #4

Another week has passed in the ffmpeg universe.

  • Mans added -Bsymbolic, everyone wonders why this isnt default and what the ELF designers were smoking. Shared libav* becomes smaller, faster and more secure due to this change.
  • Mike fixes a security issue in the mov/mp4 demuxer. Noone writes a security advisory, like always.
  • Dave Yeo restores OS/2 support
  • RV30/40 work by kostya
  • VC1 improvments by kostya
  • removing globals used in API by me and mans (due to issues with -Bsymbolic)
  • export sha1 implementation in libavutil to the world (actually we just forgot to install the header) by Diego Pettenò
  • Various h264 fixes by jeff
  • Make mov useable over http by elupus and baptiste
  • Support overriding codec id for input files by me
  • Generic global header support for mov by baptiste
  • User adjustable dynamic range compression for AC3 by justin
  • djgpp support by Michael Kostylev
  • PC Paintbrush PCX image decoder by ivo
  • Sun Rasterfile decoder by ivo
  • Extract aspect ratio from ODML-avis by me
  • TechnoTrend PVA Demuxer by ivo
  • support removing elements from the AVL tree in libavutil and make it independant of malloc() by me
  • improve CRC API and install crc.h (another forgotten header) by aurel
  • various request_channels related fixes by justin
  • Linux Media Labs MPEG-4 (LMLM4) demuxer by ivo
  • support for libdc1394 v.2 by Alessandro Sappia
  • Do not install rtp.h (which should have never been part of the public API) by luca#1
  • User specifyable maximum amount of memory to use for the index. by paul kelly
  • libav-user was created by root
  • Add support for H.264 video in the RTP muxer by luca#1
  • ugly hack to support multicodec stsd in mov by me
  • subtitle support in mov improvmets by me and reimar
  • support for Matroska attachments by eugeni stepanov
  • ICC support by reimar
  • SMPTE 421 Annex L format demuxer by kostya
  • The monthly flames, accusations and insults, a vote about fixing warnings and me, baptiste and many others fixing many. Some gcc bugs in -Werror being found, all decoders being changed to have const input by me …
  • support for ogg text subtitles by reimar
  • mbaff spatial direct support by loren
  • many optimizations by loren
  • parallel regression tests by mans
  • various nut fixes by oded
  • support for speex in ogg by reimar
  • The first parts of libavfilter hit svn by bobby and vitor
  • MANY bugfixes, ive ignored most due to lazyness and i think its not that interresting for most readers anyway
  • Lots of cleanup by various people
  • myself loosing the ability to reliably capitalize words correctly as i move toward the end of this entry, also note, nothing has been spellchecked as its almost 6 in the morning here …
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