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EU Schuko plug

Today i learned a new feature of the EU Schuko plug.
I moved some stuff to a different apartment, plugged it in and slowly build the feeling something wasn’t quite right. Some electronics behaved a bit odd, somehow grounded things didn’t feel quite grounded.
So i connected a DMM between the grounds of 2 plugs


and between we have

ehm, 126 Volts
On closer inspection we can see the ground lead on the wall outlet has been painted over. Sure thats a rare exception, lets look at the other lead

sure its not the 2nd plug too that our green wire eventually was connected to

sure its not all plugs on that wall

whatever, cleaning that off and retesting

Problem solved, lets pretend we didnt notice this EU population control feature ;)
Having the ground leads exposed so that morons can paint over them and then anything pluged in simply has no ground connection. Bad design, simply bad design.

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