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PP filter comparission update

Ive added some -vf uspp (PP by (mis)using the snow codec) based images to pp vs. spp filters, the reason for uspp=6 instead of higher values is that higher ones wake the OOM-killer :-) the reason for the lack of pp=ac/ha/va based samples is that they look identical to the pp=de/hb/vb

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pp vs. spp filters

Comparing the pp and spp filters from MPlayer/ffmpeg with the standard lena 256×256 image, the unfiltered one is a simple 10% quality jpeg saved by gimp

Original unfiltered
pp=hb/vb/dr/fq=8 pp=hb/vb/dr/fq=16 pp=hb/vb/dr/fq=32
spp=6:8 spp=6:16 spp=6:32
uspp=6:8 uspp=6:16 uspp=6:32
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