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Everyone on youtube, well all the science channels at least are collaborating on planting trees #teamtrees.
So i donated too because well. I like forests :). And in fact Trees are very important, life as we know it maybe would not exist without trees. Without trees all the carbon now locked up in coal might instead be CO2 in the atmosphere. Also so many lifeforms depend on trees …
Ahh and they are a great way to turn CO2 from the atmosphere into wood, the later does not cause global warming.

Here are some forest related pictures i took in 2019

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  1. What is the blue mushroom?

    Thanks for the incentive – i’ve got 100 trees planted

    Comment by Dennis — 2019-11-18 @ 22:18

  2. That is an excellent question. But i must admit i have no idea. I was just taking pictures whenever i saw something that caught my eye and now here just posted what fit the blogpost. But i have to admit, iam curious myself what that mushroom was.

    Comment by Michael — 2019-11-18 @ 22:40

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