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Tic Tac Toe

Java sucks, all remotely sane humans know that nowadays, but long long ago i did the unimagineable and volunteerly wrote some small java programs (until i realized how badly java sucks). Todays or actually tonights blog entry is dedicated to one of these, a little Tic-Tac-Toe game, which you should be able to see below in the unlikely case that you have java enabled in your browser

8? years old GPL source is available too, and in case you are wondering the images where created with povray, and yes patches to improve it are welcome ;)

PS: if you win send me a bugreport ;)

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  1. It is proven that TTT on 3×3 with intelligent players will result in tie. So if you constantly lose _then_ send a bugreport and get your brain fixed ;)

    And as a developer who knows and uses Java (but I’m not calling myself a Java developer, no way!) I must say that the more advanced features you use, the more it sucks (especially GUI and web-related stuff).

    Comment by Kostya — 2007-05-11 @ 04:21

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