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Spam karma2

As you certainly have (not) noticed, ive enabled spam karma2, mike melanson worked hard on installing a few anti spam plugins for me, spam karma2 being one of them. thanks mike!

Until now spam was stoped by a simple word list and anything containing a link was as well blocked. On my side procmail sorted the large amount of moderated comments into certain spams and uncertain as well as non spam comments i then from time to time deleted spams which where missed and approved what was blocked incorrectly. That worked quite well actually … but you know if it aint broken then break it ;)

Spam karma2 should hopefully catch all spams and not block legitimate comments ;) It even has the ability to display a captcha if its not certain, just an hour ago it did that for a spamer who tried to sell some “herbs” for long “legs” it didnt help though i had to delete that by hand after the spamer or his script passed the captcha check

If you write a comment and it gets blocked with no captcha or other tests then please send me an email!

Comments welcome!

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  1. little test comment to see if karma2 annoys me with a captcha or does just pass my comment or even blocks it

    Comment by Michael — 2007-09-26 @ 21:13

  2. trying to post a few links for karma2

    Comment by Michael — 2007-09-26 @ 21:25

  3. ~1300 spams in 24 hours! I think that exceeds the nominal rate on any of my blogs. Sorry I didn’t get around to installing the measures sooner.

    Comment by Mike Melanson — 2007-09-27 @ 03:00

  4. iam not sure what its counting, but considering that there where ~60k spams in a year i dont think the ~1500 we have in a few hours now are true, maybe karma is eating the stuff which was marked as spam in the past …

    Comment by Michael — 2007-09-27 @ 04:28

  5. hmm maybe it was 60k in 2 years i dont remember exactly … too tired 5:30 already here …

    Comment by Michael — 2007-09-27 @ 04:32

  6. rethinking this while being awake, the difference in spam counts was likely caused by the fact that wordpress had “Blacklist comments from open and insecure proxies” enabled and these spams where never reaching the moderation que so they where not included in the 60k but are counted now (of course iam just guessing and could be wrong but this hypothesis makes most sense)

    Comment by Michael — 2007-09-30 @ 22:31

  7. Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brilliant posts.

    Comment by creditos minimos upc — 2016-10-25 @ 21:30

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