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As the little reverse engeneering puzzle has been solved, we need some prize …


flour, olive oil, half a teaspoon sugar, dry yeast and water. No thats not yet the price ^^; And probably not even a half correct pizza dough but i like it and am too lazy to look up what is “correct”.


After rescaling the x,y and z transformation vectors of the dough it becoms flat and roun hmm square?! (… i guess ill file a bugreport about that one later) adding tomato puree and tuna.


Adding gouda cheese and oregano, i should probably have added more cheese but transforming a block of cheese into these stripes is boring and the ready made pizza cheese from supermarket could be more accurately be described by milk+yellow color and thickening agent so that stuff was not an option.


After ~15min at ~493 kelvin

And at last, the pizza was turned into a virtual pizza, which i herein officially give to chrono! The real counterpart has for saftey reasons been quickly ea ehm i mean destroyed, to avoid paradoxes.

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  1. Now I have to learn cooking and blog about it.

    Comment by Kostya — 2008-10-28 @ 06:01

  2. you know… i’ve never had a fish pizza.
    i dont even think they offer to put fish on a pizza
    (except anchovies , which are pickled and really dont have fish flavor).

    Comment by compn — 2008-10-31 @ 02:21

  3. > i dont even think they offer to put fish on a pizza

    Hmm, you must be living on a remote island or something … let me guess, USA? ;)
    Here in austria, every single pizzeria ive seen had “al tonno pizza” which is pizza with tuna, onions, tomato and cheese and sometimes olives or garlic too.
    Also pizza with salmon being commonly available as well as pizzas with all kinds of other non-fish marine animals.

    Comment by Michael — 2008-11-01 @ 15:00

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