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Pandaboard 5v power supply

A few days ago i noticed that my panda-board died. This is one of the 2 ARM systems on
Resetting or unplugging and re-plugging did not help. Replacing the power supply with a random 5v supply made it come back to life.
The failed power supply is a HNP-24-050 “HN Power Germany”. This is now probably the 3rd or 4th failed power supply for my panda board. The one its running on currently is a random one from ali-express. I must say iam really disappointed by the trash that some german electronic shops sell. All the failed power supplies where bought from germany, not china. The failed supply still produces 5v but when subjected to the slightest load its output collapses to 0, even 200mA is too much.
Ive read on the net that some digikey supply is recommended but both part numbers i found are marked obsolete.
Anyone has any recommendations ? I am not too positive that the 2€ +free shipping supply its running on currently will last very long.
I know i can just run it off a brand name ATX supply or a bench supply but that is a bit inconvenient.
Also if anyone wants to add more ARM hardware to, so we have a bit more redundancy, thats certainly welcome

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  1. If the power supplies are out of warranty (2 years minimum in EU), you may try to repair them.

    Open them and check for failing electrolyte capacitors. They dry up and swell. Their parameters should be clearly labeled. Replace them with ones that can hold higher voltage & temperature and still fit.
    The voltage must be at least 3 times their working voltage.

    When picking power supply, check how many Amperes they provide. Always pick ones that provide more than you need, by at least 1/3.

    Comment by iive — 2019-02-12 @ 12:32

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