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I got a new computer, it has 2 liquid cooled CPUs, a Samsung 850Pro SSD, 9 cooling fans, 2 network adapters, >1kw power supply and weighs about 22kg. Its a Power Mac G5, (late 2005 model, which is apparently the last model that was built) and i got it at a good price, i guess because it looked a bit dented from outside but interrestingly on the inside it showed nearly no signs of use or damage, there was not even vissible dust inside.
It came with OSX on some western digital HDD with a apple logo on it. I replaced that one with the SSD which mysteriously didnt work on my first try but when i conected it to the 2nd SATA connector it worked fine. And as i quickly realized OSX is too outdated on PPC to be usable, so i installed debian on it which worked fine but took a bit long to install for unknown reasons, i expected it to finish in maybe 30min or so on a SSD but it took much longer, dont remember exactly how long. So far the only real issue i noticed is that one of the CPUs gets too hot causing the kernel to reduce its speed. I saw no signs of leaked coolant though. I guess as long as it works and i see
no leakage i wont spend more time on that issue though
FFmpeg build and fate also passed on it :)

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  1. Those things were built like tanks. I retired my G4 PowerMac only last year. Great big-endian workhorse

    Comment by Peter — 2015-03-31 @ 03:48

  2. The downside of these is incredibly high power consumption – the idle wattage reaches as high as 150-200 W if not higher. Not a good idea to run that machine for prolonged periods of time if one doesn’t want to pay a lot in electricity bills.

    Comment by Fruit — 2015-07-12 @ 19:48

  3. Be careful with those powermacs: the biggest problem is that they *will* leak, and into the PSU ;-).
    Anyway: if it is getting hot, you do need to check the cooling circuit, and maybe add water.
    We also got a G5, and it got noisier and noisier, and eventually died after 2 minutes of overheating…
    I have no idea how to replace it though.

    Comment by Ardje — 2015-08-20 @ 13:45

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