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“Latest” firefox

A little rant to keep my blog from rotting, firefox after 3.0 or so no longer works on kernels that randomize memory allocation a bit. Ones choices are either patching firefox or to disable the randomization for it. And we all know if one application needs all the security layers one can get then its the modern web browsers.
Not to mention how one can be so lame to have such bug open for ages and still not even produce an error message but rather run mmap() munmap() in an infinite loop.

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  1. Are you running a binary compiled for an older libc or something?

    I’d have to check, but I’m pretty sure my 2.6.31 kernel randomizes allocations and the 3.5.something version of Firefox that I’ve got with Ubuntu 9.10 work just fine together.

    (Well, “just fine” is a bit strong. There’s a weird quirk I’ve been seeing almost since the beginning of 9.10 regarding the mouse cursor icon rapid-fire flipping between pointer and whatever else, but I’m not sure that’s relevant.)

    Comment by Michael Mol — 2010-04-14 @ 22:06

  2. firefox? people are still using that?

    i thought it became obsolete the day chromium was released.

    (still prefer elinks for anything none graphical)

    Comment by Peter — 2010-04-15 @ 13:10

  3. Yes it has many old bugs, they should have fixed those first. The new ui is hopeless and noway back to what i prefer. So am using again old trustworthy version, i have used for years now. Problem with firefox is it grew against ie and expected everyone will stay with forever. True new browsers are here, more true many have ridden of firefox for them. Firefox is dwindling fast, i wonder how long it will be before the devs realise their failings.

    Off topic.. (sorry)
    A bit like all the mplayer front ends, i still use MPUI v1.1.10.33 C) 2005 Martin J. Fiedler. Why because the rest are rubbish, this version gives a quick easy interface that has four sub options on it for system, video, audio and subtitle. Ok its not to good on todays pc for inputting options. Though i do prefer for video player many easy options like that of mpc. Rather than knowing the code options to change something. Ok it has problems everything is resized to 1024×576 no matter what the real ar is (maybe mplayer and not mpui !!). And that is like for encoding, resize to 1024×576 and all is well (not for dvd). Though that is where mpc comes in at least that can show correct ar size.

    Even more off topic.. (sorry again)
    Well i only came here for one reason to find all the yadif deinterlace options, michael can you add these to the site. I have looked on mplayer but to much to look through. Only needing what’s the coorect option for dropping a field such as BFF. To test if better than normal yadif deinterlace, no field drop. I know you like to waste some more bandwidth and you wrote the program. Shame there isn’t much mention of it here, yadif is something you should be proud of. :)

    Would be nice Michael if these comments are edited to relevant parts of your site, when you have some have time.

    Comment by Rob — 2010-06-23 @ 23:46

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