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F50fd part2

The image stabilization, well ive done more testing, 10 images without IS, 10 at continous mode, 10 at shot only mode, all at the wide angle side at 1/4 sec 12mp, quick summary the IS does not help, find the 2 best looking croped images for each of the 3 cases in the table below:

IS:shot only

Random low iso images

and in case anyone is wondering how i reached a image number of above 6000 in a few days testing, well thats what happens if you switch sd cards around randomly one thing i learned from that though was the FD50fd had no problems displaying images made with the IXUS though it did not play my naively made mjpeg in AVI :( it did not even play its own video after it was remuxed but i didnt investigate this any further …

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  1. As I understand, some cameras make MJPEG with tables stored in extradata and no tables in frames (at least it is so with my IXUS 70). So it won’t play movies in other formats. The reason is probably not technical…

    Comment by Kostya — 2007-10-07 @ 06:09

  2. Not a particularly constructive comment, but I really like the photos of the bees and the water droplets on the leaf.

    Comment by Robert Swain — 2007-10-07 @ 15:25

  3. @kostya, you dont happen to have a tool/command line to make videos which play on the ixus? :)

    Comment by Michael — 2007-10-08 @ 00:07

  4. > Not a particularly constructive comment, but I really like the photos of the bees and the
    > water droplets on the leaf.

    thanks :)
    btw, that leaf is edible, i guess i should once try to make some salad of a few leafs, the interaction of the water and the leafs would be interresting. I just hate to cut off perfectly healthy parts of plants though the leafes will all turn yellow and wilt before the winter anyway, so dunno …

    Comment by Michael — 2007-10-08 @ 00:25

  5. No, except if you count camera as tool ;) But I think that it’s quite easy to modify MJPEG encoder to put once (Huffman) tables into extradata and don’t put them into frames. Then simple encoding 640×480 frames with 16-bit PCM will be enough.

    Comment by Kostya — 2007-10-08 @ 10:14

  6. […] a follow-up to the theme set by Michael here are my few random shots of flowers (made in the Western Ukraine, several thousands kilometers […]

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