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DHL Europack

You order some japanese kitchen knifes from which are supposed to become a present for you mother, yeah maybe you shouldnt order from a company with such a name … , the stuff gets send with DHL Europack on 8.12.2005 a few days later you get an invoice but nothing else, on that is the number for the packet, so you check via
where the package went, it says:
Letztes Sendungsverfolgungsereignis:
Erfolgloser Zustellversuch, Firma erloschen / unbekannt(Zustellbasis Information): Guntramsdorf (tof) / AT, 2005-12-12
or in engish: recipient doesnt exist :)
i must note that i was at home most of the time, they had my phone and email address and there was no trace that they ever where here or tried to contact me
i send the company from where i ordered the stuff an email on the 16th, which is ignored entirely
on the 22th i try again and threaten them a little, i get a phone call telling me the package is being sorted, and that the info from the online tracking stuff where wrong, yeah sure …
on the 30th i get a letter informing me that they will transfer my money back which obviously indicates that the package went back too, i write them another email the next day which again is ignored, so i try DHL, first mail ignored second via some online form get the awnser:
aus datenschutzrechtlichen Gründen dürfen wir Angaben zum Sendungsstatus nur
an den Absender weitergeben. Bitte wenden Sie sich an Ihre Postverwaltung
oder den Absender um Ihre Informationen zu bekommen. Vielen Dank.
or in english: no we can only tell the sender due to privacy/data blah blah laws why your package didnt reach you

suggestions anyone?
try to order again from there and hope it reaches me before next xmas?
from somewhere else? (they seemed to be cheapest though)

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  1. The only time I’ve been shipped smth via DHL, it got delivered to the wrong address (my bad, the zip code I had given was wrong).
    But I found the DHL ppl very professionnal, as they assigned a person to my case, with whom I had a direct phone number. The problem got sorted out quickly, and I got my merchandize after a series to round-trip between the store, DHL, and me.

    Anyway, if you know the store your ordered from is reliable, I’d just say you were outta luck this time, and that it can only be better next time… :-)

    Comment by Guillaume POIRIER — 2006-01-17 @ 10:09

  2. tell dhl to leave the package at your door whether you are there or not… UPS and USPS does this for me all the time :)

    Comment by compn — 2006-01-22 @ 08:53

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