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Duron cooler

A week? ago my good old duron cooling fan, a ac copper silent 3 started to make funny noises. It sounded a little like a seeking harddisk. Well i obviously had to and did get a new one, i also considered getting a new CPU but seems socket A cpus arent available anymore. Well i wasnt seriously looking for an upgrade anyway, just curious.

Once i had the new cooler, (i bought the same as the previous) i thought i take the failing one appart. I expected to find some screws behind the stickers but no, there are no screws on the thing. To get it appart you have to pull the rotating part hard, nice design. As expected it was quit dirty in there, especially the ring magnet, i cleaned all parts except the ceramic bearing as there was some green lubricant on it that i couldnt replace if i cleaned it. Not really expecting it to work better i put it back together and, well it worked and was silent again :)

Murphy doesnt sleep though a day or 2 later the noise was back again :( So i repeat the procedure but sadly it made no difference this time. So being out of all options except 3, from which the first could damage my microwave and the second needs a sledge hammer that i dont have, i drop the thing by mistake, no really i didnt do it intentionally my 3rd option is actually taking the ceramic bearing appart and cleaning it with a bunch of paper towels. Ive taken a picture before doing that, sadly i didnt take more pics, like at the very start when it was really dirty …

The bearing is held together with a little metal ring that i somehow got off with a screw driver, and to my surprise it didnt fly through the room. After cleaning it and putting it back together i added a little bicycle oil. And it works and mosly silent. Anyone wants to bet how long it will last? I somehow think ill have to replace it with the new one soon …

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