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AVI and B frames

AVI and b frames, is it allowed or not?

AVI certainly wasnt designed to support b frames but on the other hand theres nothing which would make b frames in AVI illegal, the biggest problem isnt AVI but the various applications and APIs like vfw which are designed with zero delay codecs in mind

PTS(Presentation timestamps)

well wtf are they and why would we need them? every (video) frame has a decode timestamp(DTS) and a PTS, the DTS is the time at which a frame is feeded into the decoder, the PTS is the time at which the decoded frame will be presented to the user, codecs which have no bframes / zero delay always have PTS =DTS and AVI as it wasnt desiged with b frames in mind has no concept of PTS, there are just DTS which are simply the frame number divide by the frame rate
So one could now argue AVI doesnt support b frames as it doesnt store PTS and would if the application needs to know PTS (simpler players dont need to know the PTS…) to calculate the PTS based upon frame type and DTS, but that argument against AVI+b frames has a critical flaw, MPEG-PS and MPEG-TS dont store PTS for every frame either but only require it to be stored every 0.5 seconds or so. Which means that the same complicated calculate the PTS from DTS + frame types code is needed for the official MPEG format too

Packed bitstream

Packed bitstream is a very ugly hack which puts several frames in to a single avi chunk, this reduces the b frame delay by 1, which avoids some problems with APIs which are not aware of b frames, but causes various problems with APIs which are aware of b frames, the resulting bitstream is also not valid according to the MPEG standards, so lossless transcoding to .mp4 is much more complicated

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