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About a month ago we (the ffmpeg team) voted about which name our NGO to which people soon will be able to donate should have. A sideeffect of that is that the world now has one more application to count votes using various condorcet methods, borda count and instant runoff voting. Get it from svn:// with your favorite command line svn client while its still fresh ;).

The vote itself went pretty well, we had a huge participation and it was quite fun :). Less funny was that murphy hit us and the winning choices “FFmedia/Foundation for free multimedia” domain name was already taken by some anonymous person through domaimsbyporxy, who asked us for cash even to just forward a message. Luckily the 2nd most popular choice “FFMTech/Foundation for free multimedia technolgies” didnt had that problem and was just by 1 vote behind so we picked that.

About which voting method is best, i dont know, but for our vote at least they all produced the same result most of the time while people added their votes. In that sense i wonder if any vote in reality that used a condorcet method actually ever needed rules beyond condorcet like the popular schulze method? Anyone knows? i checked debians past votes but it seemed they all had a condorcet winner

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