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storing xiph codecs in containers other than ogg

Storing vorbis, theora and all the other xiph codecs in containers other than ogg is in principle not difficult, the primary problem is just that xiph codecs have several global headers while most generic containers expect just 1 or no global header. Mapping from several (3 normally) to 1 can be done in many ways and as there is no official recommandition from xiph which says how to do this, people have come up with various incompatible solution. Furthermore people have done other insane things like storing vorbis in ogg and that in avi and similar very very broken things …

So a long time ago ive decided to write a proposal for a recommandition on how to store xiph codecs in containers other than ogg, sadly it has been mostly ignored at the time of its writing

But yesterday someone from xiph contacted me and alex and asked if we where interrested to work on this oggless recommandition :) which lead to The oggless wiki page and a posting on ogg-dev so if you want to contribute to this / disscuss it (on ogg-dev), now is the right time …

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